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Congratulations to our Students for Participating in our First Annual Spanish & Italian Spelling Bees

On Monday, February 27, Finley Middle School students participated in the first annual Spanish Spelling Bee. Congratulations to all of our students that participated. Students were given words in Spanish with increasing levels of difficulty in each round and they showcased their orthography skills in a second language.

Our first place winner is Carlos Salgado and our second place winner is Yeimi Quintanilla. Thank you to Ms. Villacis, Ms. Doeschner, and Ms. Falcon for judging the competition and Ms. Ghiraldi for coordinating the event.


On Tuesday, February 28, our students participated in the first annual Italian Spelling Bee at Finley Middle School. Congratulations to all of the students; Ashley Reyes is our first place winner and Alexandra Ramsaran is our second place winner. Thank you to Ms. Ghiraldi for coordinating the spelling bee, Ms. Morra for reading the words, and Dr. Rianna and Ms. Salamone for judging the competition.