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Finley Students Participate in Annual Research Day

7th and 8th Grade Students Show Off Their Knowledge of History

Recently, seventh and eighth grade students at Robert M. Finley Middle School in the Glen Cove City School District participated in the annual Finley Research Day. In their social studies classes, seventh graders participated in researching the American Revolution, and eighth graders participated in completing National History Day Research.

Seventh grade students had the opportunity to choose from seven different project prompts or choose their own topics upon approval from their teacher. Project examples included creating a diorama of the Boston Massacre, choosing a battle and creating a comic strip, completing a graphic organizer describing the beliefs of a loyalist versus a patriot, and so forth.

Eighth grade students explored topics surrounding National History Day. Students explored local, state, national, and world history through a topic that relates to an annual theme. The project required students to think critically and determine their topics' significance over time. This year’s topic was Debate and Diplomacy in History: Successes, Failures, Consequences. Students were encouraged to be creative and choose any time period or geographic location that interests them.