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Connolly Students Adopt a Growth Mindset

Students who believe there is always room for
improvement are more likely to persevere despite the challenges they may face, according to psychologist Dr. Carol Dweck’s research on growth mindset.

Dr. Dweck defines a growth mindset as one that welcomes development and sees failure as an opportunity for success. A student with a fixed mindset, however, believes their current performance is their best and is more likely to shy away from an obstacle because of this.

Connolly Elementary School’s Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports Committee recently introduced a series of lesson plans rooted in Dr. Dweck’s growth mindset research to third, fourth and fifth-grade students over the course of several months.

“The Glen Cove community embraces the value every student brings to the classroom and believes that all of our students are capable of success. I’m so proud of the Connolly community for implementing
growth mindset strategies as a way of helping all students unlock their potential and believe in the importance of positive thinking and hard work,” said Superintendent of Schools Dr. Maria Rianna.

Lessons included the affirmations “Introduce It,” “Notice It,” “Model It” and “Practice It” to help all students approach their work with a growth mindset. Teachers used the lessons to reach all students, including those who may struggle with a lack of motivation, poor academic achievement and behavioral issues.

“Having a growth mindset means you don’t let your failures define you, but see them as a springboard for growth and developing your abilities. Your intelligence and talents are all susceptible to growth. This provided teachers with an opportunity to reach all students,” said School Psychologist Anna Lagos.

Students who demonstrated a growth mindset were either chosen by their teachers or voted by their peers to have their photo taken with a quote about their approach to having a growth mindset.

Students’ photos were animated into cartoon characters and pinned to a bulletin board with their quote. The bulletin board greets staff and students as they enter the building’s main entrance each morning. It’s all
part of the Connolly community’s efforts to encourage others to lead and participate in their learning environment.

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