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A Celebration of Ecological Proportion Comes to Glen Cove

Gribbin and Deasy Elementary School host an Eco Carnival for Earth Day

GLEN COVE, NEW YORK (MAY 2022) — Kindergarten through second-grade students at Gribbin and Deasy Elementary Schools recently enjoyed a festive “Eco Carnival” that combined creative crafts and outdoor activities with learning about conservation and the environment. Classes rotated through six activities tailored to their grade level that focused on lessons about different topics like animals, plants, conservation efforts and the local ecosystem. 

“Our Eco Carnival was a huge success! Our students had  a great time celebrating our beautiful planet and learning about the environment. It was all possible because of our committed teachers, administrators, parent and high school volunteers, custodial staff and supportive school PTAs,” said Social Studies Coordinator Sheena Jacob.

A committee of teachers and administrators led by STREAM teachers Jessica McKenna and Kaitlyn Hutter planned the event.Activities were conducted by teachers, administrators, local volunteers and members of the Glen Cove High School Environmental Club. Social Studies Coordinator Sheena Jacob supported the event’s planning, coordinated collaboration efforts with the high school and helped the activities run smoothly the day of the event.  

Students also visited stations with special guests who led interactive lessons on various topics. This included local beekeeper Dominic Grella, Adelphi University professor Mary-Jean McCarthy, experts from Garvies Point Museum, Glen Cove High School Science Coordinator John Piteris, Landing Elementary School STREAM teacher Ken Altamirano, District technology coach Giselle Taylor and retired Kindergarten teacher Irene Kamola.

Glen Cove High School Environmental Club members, advised by Cristina Carnivale, conducted a station in which students crafted “flowers” out of water bottles. Another station involved watching a live band, including Deasy Elementary School music teacher Lauren Pollansky as its percussionist. The carnival concluded with an "unplugged" afternoon, in which students sat outside on blankets and read books or meditated among nature.

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Photo 1: Kindergarten through second-grade students at Gribbin and Deasy Elementary Schools recently made environment-themed crafts at a festive “Eco Carnival” celebrating Earth Day. 

Photo 2: Local beekeeper Dominic Grella taught Gribbin Elementary School displayed some of his beekeeping supplies to students and taught them about the important role bees play in the environment. 

Photo 3: Mr. Grella put on his beekeeper uniform and explained what he does as a beekeeper. 

Photo 4: Students at Deasy Elementary School created bird feeders using pine cones, peanut butter and bird seed.