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Glen Cove High School Artists’ Work Goes Beyond the Classroom

Several student-artists at Glen Cove High School are taking their work to new heights.

Two groups of Fashion Illustration students were named finalists in the global design competition Junk Kouture, which challenges artists aged 13 to 18 to design, create and model couture made entirely out of recycled material and repurposed household items. The finalists will display their creations on a runway during the New York City final on June 8. 

Additionally, Studio Art student Phoebe Pinder recently had her art composition showcased at the Heckscher Museum of Art’s juried exhibit Long Island’s Best, which is the only juried exhibit for high school students on Long Island.

“I am so proud of our student-artists for their achievements, which demonstrate the commitment and passion they have for their craft and exemplify the prestige of Glen Cove’s Visual Arts Department,” said Dr. Maria Rianna,  Superintendent of Schools of the Glen Cove School District.

Junk Kouture seeks to empower a new generation of artists to create lasting positive change through creativity and fashion. Students Natalia Monsale, Virginia Papasidero and Betzy Mejia created Grandstar, a corset, skirt and boot combination equipped with a cape – all of which they decorated and painted with cosmic patterns inspired by the night sky. Lizbeth Rojas and Anoushka Glouchkjov created Ultraviolet Fairy, a long, lavender dress adorned with hearts and equipped with glistening fairy wings they created using broken CDs.   

Phoebe Pinder recently had her painting Incandescent chosen out of 399 submissions to the Long Island’s Best exhibit at the Heckscher Museum of Art, where it was displayed alongside 79 other works from young artists. 

Phoebe said she was inspired by Alison Saar’s Reapers, a somber and profound depiction of slavery and racism in America. Phoebe was drawn to the way Saar intertwines her characters with their environment, she said, adding that the artwork made her reflect on current events and modern atrocities.

With that in mind, she created a composition inspired by the Ukrainian people impacted by Vladimir Putin’s war. A blue sky and golden wheat field symbolize the Ukrainian flag and the subjects of her piece – a child, a mother figure and an elderly woman – reflect how the war affects all ages and represent the generational trauma it may cause.

Phoebe’s subjects are seen through a window in a dark room that is only lit by the sun outside, signifying hope in the face of hardship.  

“Phoebe is an extremely talented artist and I am so proud of her for this huge achievement. Glen Cove High School’s art program inspires and encourages its artists to explore their passions and tackle tough subjects through their work. Phoebe’s piece is a perfect example of what our students can accomplish,” said Glen Cove High School Principal Antonio Santana.