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Deasy School Celebrates PARP with Community Readers

As part of its Pick A Reading Partner Program (PARP) celebration, Deasy School held a Community Read Aloud, welcoming a special guest reader to each classroom. Thank you to all of the readers, as well as the PARP Committee and the Deasy PTA for coordinating this special event.  Additional thanks to all of the parents for reading with their children at home.

Deasy School’s two-week PARP celebration kicked off with a Camp Read A Lot including a real camper where the students could grab a book, pick their reading partner and get cozy while enjoying smores and hot chocolate. Students log minutes that they have read at home, play word games, welcome guest readers and authors, and other reading-related activities. 

“PARP is always a fun and exciting time at Deasy School, and it’s terrific to hear when it has had an impact on families,” Deasy Principal, Melanie Arfman. “We hope all Deasy students and families enjoyed these PARP weeks.”