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Glen Cove Elementary Schools Celebrate PARP

Glen Cove School District’s four elementary schools, Connolly, Landing, Deasy, and Gribbin held its annual Pick-A-Reading-Partner Program. Our district-wide PARP committee chose the theme “Read S’more at Camp Read a Lot” and was graciously sponsored by the PTA. The two-week PARP period included visits from special guest authors, themed spirit days, and many reading activities. Each year, the PTA sponsored program encourages a love of reading in students and, in turn, helps parents and caregivers become more active reading partners with their children.

To kick off PARP, Connolly and Landing students welcomed guest author and illustrator Roxie Munro. Roxie is the author/illustrator of more than 45 nonfiction, STEM/STEAM, and concept books for children, many using "gamification" to encourage reading, learning, and engagement. “Our students, PTA families, and teachers pulled out all the stops for PARP this year. I was so proud of the engaging events we facilitated and the enthusiasm for reading that was palpable throughout the school.” said Connolly Principal Bryce Klatsky “These are the events--reading in tents in the gym, watching their principal rock out on the drums, dressing up for the vocabulary parade--students remember for their entire school careers." Landing Principal Jacklyn Burnett said “I love how PARP showcases our ability to come together as a school community to instill a love of reading in our students and celebrate literacy as a whole.”

In keeping with the theme, Gribbin students discovered a bear cave, went on a bear hunt, and read in tents with flashlights. Special guest Ilene Fox presented an interactive lesson about Doodles, a book by author / illustrator, Allan Fox. Students were inspired by the lesson and were able to create their own Doodles of positivity, love, and joy. Their PARP celebration ended with a fun sing-along with Ms. Sullivan.

Additionally, students at Deasy school enjoyed a visit from author and illustrator, Mike Cicotello. Mr. Mike shared his experiences of creating books and helped the students see that they could be authors and artists. His goal is to grow the students’ love for reading and build their confidence through a fun and engaging program. “PARP is always a fun and exciting time at Deasy School, and it’s terrific to hear when it has had an impact on families,” Deasy Principal Melanie Arfman. “We hope all Deasy students and families enjoyed these PARP weeks.”

Each school held a Community Read Aloud, welcoming a special guest reader to each classroom. Thank you to all of the readers, as well as the PARP Committee and the PTAs for coordinating this special event.

Finally, PARP ended with an amazing “Drum Off” between our Connolly and Landing School Principals, Mr. Klatsky and Ms. Burnett.

The best way to encourage your child to read is to read together with them. We ask that you continue to sit down with your child for 20 minutes each night even after the PARP period has ended. Read books that interest you, a map, a newspaper, books around the house, or books from the library. Read to your child or have your child read to you. Have siblings or relatives join in. The more, the merrier, so long as you are reading together!