About our Department

      • We hope this message finds you all well during these very trying times.  Please know our Special Education staff, and our outside agencies and schools, are working diligently to ensure that services are provided to your child to the greatest extent possible and with integrity.  As you know, Glen Cove has developed a Hybrid Learning Plan. This Hybrid Learning Plan will encompass direct in person and virtual instruction and will involve a variety of technology platforms.  Our special education teachers and related services providers will be in touch with each family directly to discuss how sessions will be conducted.  Some of these services may be provided in virtual small group settings, just as they would be when school is in session.  When possible, parents should support their children to participate in the distance learning sessions independently, in a private area of their home, to respect the privacy of other students and families. We ask that information from these sessions/classes remain confidential.  If you do not wish for your child to participate in virtual learning, please send an email to your child's principal or to the Director of Special Education.  If you have additional concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to reach out to the special education department directly.   

      COVID-19 Services for Students with Disabilities

      • The District intends to administer special education and related services remotely through Distance Learning which may involve video teaching and/or telepractice. If your child accesses services through video teaching and/or telepractice, the District shall consider such access as your consent to receive services through that modality. Any parent who does not agree to receiving services through that modality should contact Allison Hernandez. If you do not consent to the use of video teaching and/or telepractice, your child will be provided instruction in an alternative format, such as
        through written instructional materials or telephone consults.

        We ask all students and family members to be respectful of the privacy interests of other students. As a result, where possible, students participating in group services should attempt to do so from a location which cannot be observed by others. To the extent that family members observe the delivery of instruction to other students, we ask that you respect the privacy of the other students and not disclose personal information about any student to any third party.