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Social Media

The Official Social Media Accounts for the Glen Cove City School District

District Social Media Links

GCCSD Facebook

GCCSD Instagram

GCCSD Twitter 

Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Maria Rianna - Twitter

Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum, Instruction and Technology, Alexa Doeschner - Twitter @MsDoeschner  Instagram @gcsd_asstsupt

School Social Media Links

GCHS Facebook

GCHS Instagram

GCHS Twitter

FMS Facebook

FMS Instagram

FMS Twitter

Connolly Facebook

Connolly Instagram

Connolly Twitter 

Landing Facebook

Landing Instagram

Landing Twitter

Deasy Facebook

Deasy Instagram

Deasy Twitter

Gribbin Facebook

Gribbin Instagram

Gribbin Twitter

Department Social Media Links

Athletics Instagram

English Language Arts +

Fine and Performing Arts

GCHS Bands

GCHS Choir

GCCSD K-12 Music Dept

Instructional Technology

Math gcsd_mathdept gcsd_mathdept


Social Studies 


ENL + World Languages