Ski Club

  • Advisor: Mr. Barry

    Day / Time: Thursday at 2:35 p.m.

    Meeting Place: TV Studio

    The Glen Cove High School Ski Club's goal is to continue to foster a love of outdoor winter mountain sports in our students, whether they are first timers on the mountain or whether they have been actively skiing and snowboarding for years. The club aims to take three trips each year - two day trips to the Catskill Mountains of New York and one weekend trip to the Green Mountains of Vermont. Along the way, our members organize, plan, fundraise and ultimately spend some unforgettable days enjoying healthy outdoor activities on the slopes and at the resorts. All are welcome. No experience necessary!


The HS Ski Club Visited Mount Snow, Vermont

  • The High School Ski Club went to Mount Snow, Vermont last weekend. 51 kids and 4 chaperones attended the weekend trip and stayed at the base area of Mount Snow close to the mountain. There was a mix of experienced skiers and snowboarders and beginners on their first trips ever. The ski club has been going to Mount Snow for our weekend trips for over 20 years. The last trip was January 2020, right before the COVID pandemic. Last season, we took a day trip to Jiminy Peak, Massachusetts in March, but this was the first weekend trip in three years. Mr. Chris Barry, advisor of the Ski Club said “The kids had an awesome time. It was great to see so many beginners trying the sport for the first time. I hope that many of them will become lifelong skiers and snowboarders. I run into former students all the time here in town and the first thing they always ask me is if we are still running the ski trips because they were some of the best memories they have from high school. I was thrilled to get back out there with them."