• Advisor: Ms. Johnides

    Day/Time: Thursdays at 2:35 p.m.

    Meeting Place: Room 140

    Be a part of the Yearbook Club and help preserve the people, events and moments that make up GCHS! Capture GCHS Pride through photography and journalism, and bring it to life in the printed pages of your Yearbook. If you are interested in writing, photography, editing, business or simply have school spirit, we have a place for you! 

  • When you receive your Senior Portraits you MUST pick a Yearbook Photo online or the photographers will pick your yearbook pose for you.

    Information moving forward for senior portraits:

    Makeup day and missed appointment day is 12/5 and 12/6 

    FIRST TIME to camera seniors (missed October dates): The schedule is now open for the December 5th & 6th dates. You will receive new codes via a postcard in early - mid November to go online and schedule an appointment. (I think you can also just use your name & school to register if you do not have a new code) 

    Fee: free.

    RE-SIT Fee: $20 fee cash/check at appointment time. Go online to Prestigeportraits.com

    https://prestigeportraits.com/ and chat with an expert and schedule a session with our customer service team for the school event or call 1-800-736-4775 and follow the prompts for Prestige Photography.

    Anyone needing a session for the first time or re-sit may ALSO choose to go to the Farmingdale studio (see link below). The STUDENT MUST BRING THE STOLE of the correct color for the cap & gown photo as we do not have them on site. (White stole, or gold & white stole for Honors). https://local.prestigeportraits.com/ny/farmingdale/515-smith-street.html

    Basic Session - Yearbook Pose = Tux/Drape = no charge 1st time to camera

    Evolution Session $25 = yearbook pose, cap & gown, other attire 1st time to camera

    Re-sit fee $20 = any session needed School/Farmingdale studio by appointment only.

    See the HELP tab for most common questions asked and how to select a student yearbook pose at Prestigeportraits.com.






    Please have your seniors join and periodically check the YEARBOOK 2023 INFORMATION FOR SENIORS Google classroom page by using the code rrj3asi

    This is where they will be updated on when Senior Yearbook content like baby photos, senior quotes, etc. is due, and how to get it to us! 

    I will also be periodically updating the information here for parents.

    Currently, you should look in your mailbox the week of 10/5 for a brochure from Prestige Photographers about scheduling your child’s senior photo, taken at the high school on  October 19, 20 & 21. Your brochure will have the code to schedule your child and should look something like this:

    Lastly, the 'Basic' photo shoot includes just your Yearbook pose (tux or drape top) at no charge for your first time. Reshoots will be $20. The 'Evolution' session is $25, and this includes your yearbook pose, cap and gown, and one other attire. All photo package information will be provided to you by Prestige Photography themselves. If you have further questions about your photos, please call Prestige Portraits at (855) 918-2930.

    Though I am likely able to answer common questions, and I do myself have the list of each senior’s appointment code should you lose it, I am not the first resource for you, Prestige is.

    Thank you all!

    Melissa Johnides
    High School Art Teacher
    Yearbook Advisor