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    The Glen Cove School District is proud of our graduates and we want to feature them on our new page, "Where They Are Now?" and share with our community.

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    Veronica Cruz

    Graduate of Glen Cove High School 2018

    Veronica graduated Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography at Purchase College in 2022.


    How We See Ourselves: Exhibition curated by The Luupe 2022

    2020 Views: Seeing through Uncertainty Richard and Dolly Maass Gallery (And Online) Purchase College, Purchase, NY 2020

    Panel Discussion 2020 Views: Seeing through Uncertainty Richard and Dolly MAASS Gallery (Online) Purchase College, Purchase, NY 2020

    We asked Veronica, "How did Glen Cove Schools serve you?"

    I had the opportunity to expand my creativity with my photography teacher, Mrs. Johnides. She had given me the space to explore my creative side that I didn't realize I had. Mrs. Johnides is the reason I continued to go forward with becoming a professional photographer - an artist. She had let me fail, knowing I'd come back up again to better myself with my work and in myself. She never gave up on me, even when I was thinking of quitting. There were other teachers I have had, who have helped shape me more into the artist I am today. My English teacher, Ms. Noonan, who had always seen my writing being more than just an assignment and acknowledging my writing, has encouraged me to continue writing, including it in my projects. She was one of the few teachers that would check in on me and not look down on my creative side, always rooting for me. Mrs. Caldwell was also another teacher who was a tremendous help; not just academically, but with life as well. She has helped with improving my academics and was always truthful about how life can really be. She never sugar coated it and it's what prepared me a little more for my next steps. There is so much more to write on the positive impacts they have had on me, but they each have played a major part in my life and I have become the person and artist I am today because of them and I am forever grateful. They were (and a few others) the most positive aspects of my time at Glen Cove High School.

    Thank you to the principal, assistant principal, guidance counselor, superintendent and other teachers that have helped guide me through my four years at Glen Cove High School. 

    Veronica Cruz
    Graduate of Glen Cove High School 2018
    Veronica’s Portfolio:   https://veronicacrruz.myportfolio.com/press-1