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      • Welcome to the Glen Cove City School District’s Mathematics Department. Our K-12 curriculum is based on the New York State Mathematics Learning Standards. These standards are relevant to the real world and reflect the knowledge and skills necessary for future success in college and careers.

        At the elementary level, students develop a strong number sense and an understanding of operations by learning to use concrete and pictorial representations, and, ultimately, standard algorithms. Each grade level will focus on developing fluency of number facts. Other units of study include: geometry, measurement, and data. To see the progression of fluency, operations and problem solving, see the link below.
        K-5 Math Progressions

        At the secondary level, higher order thinking skills is the focus of the mathematics program. While students improve their problem-solving and reasoning abilities, they continue to refine their understanding of mathematical skills and concepts.  In order to challenge all students appropriately, we offer accelerated and honors courses beginning in grade 7.  All such classes are open enrollment as they are offered on a “self-select” basis. To see possible course pathways, see the link below.
        6-12 Math Pathways

        Beginning in grade 6, students are permitted to use a calculator. In grades 6-8, scientific calculators (Texas Instruments TI-30XIIS) are used. Once in Algebra and throughout high school, students learn to use graphing calculators (Texas Instruments TI-84+). These graphing calculators are required for all NYS Mathematics Regents Exams and are permitted for use on standardized tests including the ACT and SAT.

         Texas Instruments TI-30XIIS and Texas Instruments TI-84+

        For more information on high school course offerings or to learn about the requirements for high school graduation, see one of the links below.

        High School Course Guide

        High School Graduation Requirements


      K-5 Priority Standards

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      6-12 Math Pathways

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