About Physical Education

      • Physical Education is required for all four years of high school. The mission of physical education in Glen Cove Schools is to enable all students K-12 to sustain regular, lifelong physical activity as a foundation for a healthy, productive, and fulfilling life.

        Throughout the school year, students will learn to acquire skills that enhance their health. These topics include:

        • Life long activities
          • Yoga
          • Pilates
          • Meditation
          • Tennis
          • Fowling
          • Cross fit/boot camp
          • Abdominal core classes
        • Team Sport
          • Volleyball
          • Football
          • Soccer
          • Basketball
          • Badminton
          • Softball
          • Ultimate frisbee
          • European handball
          • Archery
        • Strength and Conditioning
          • Weight training
          • Agility
          • Hand-Eye coordination
          • Muscular strength and endurance
          • Flexibility
          • Cardiovascular fitness
          • Core strength 


        NYS Physical Education Learning Standards

        NYS Part 135.4 Commissioner’s Regulations

      About Health

      • All students at Glen Cove High School must have .5 credits of Health Education to meet the graduation requirement. We believe that health education is a combined  responsibility of school, community and home. Our mission is to inspire our youth to  make responsible decisions for their overall wellness and we hope that students will choose  a healthy lifestyle both now and in the future. 

        Health Education lessons, activities and projects will be skills-based and focus on the  following New York State Health Education Standards:

        1.  Personal Health and Fitness
        2. A Safe and Healthy Environment
        3. Resource Management

        Throughout the school year, students will learn to acquire the skills that enhance their health and learn about the following topics: 

        • Making Healthy Choices
        • Personality and Self Esteem
        • Stress Management
        • Mental Disorders
        • Eating Disorders
        • Building Healthy Relationships
        • Food and Nutrition
        • AIDS/HIV
        • Sexually Transmitted Diseases
        • Reproductive System
        • Substance Abuse (including alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs)


      NYS Standards

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