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Technology Committee

Meeting Information

Monthly meetings will occur from 4pm – 6pm, location to be determined. Additional meetings may be scheduled as needed.


Membership to include: 2 BOE members, 3 teachers (representing GCHS, FMS, K-5), 3 Administrators (representing GCHS, FMS, K-5), 2 Parents and/or Community Members, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum, Instruction & Technology, Director of Technology, Database Administrator.

Teachers, administrators, parents and community members who are interested in applying for membership on this committee should submit a letter of interest and include a statement as to why they feel they would be an asset to this committee. Applicants should forward their letters of application to Dr. Alexa Doeschner, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum, Instruction and Technology.

  • Review the existing district technology plan to identify and prioritize needs, including but not limited to the possibility of a 1:1 initiative;
  • Investigate new technologies to foster 21st Century Skills in students, teachers and administrators;
  • Assess the needs of the district to identify specific goals/targets for technology integration and support;
  • Review the current ‘District Technology Plan’ to identify and prioritize issues related to target areas;
  • Draft recommendations to address selected areas related to technology funding, integration, access, support and professional development;
  • Draft a revised District Technology Plan defining our future vision of technology integration and usage for Board approval.


Central Administration

Dr. Alexa Doeschner

Anna Policastro
Jacklyn Burnett
Randy Arnold

Jessica McKenna
Dora Ricciardi

Kelley Montesano
Peter LaRocca