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School Policies

Attendance, Absence and Lateness

Parents who permit their child to be absent from or late to school will hamper the child's educational process. Learning is an on-going process developed gradually through daily instruction and homework. Truancy, absenteeism and lateness interrupt this process and create difficulty for the child as well as the teacher. 

Chronic absenteeism and truancy are investigated by appropriate personnel who employ a case-work approach involving the child's parents and other pupil personnel services. The goal of this service is to remediate cases of irregular attendance or lateness. Absence or lateness is permitted under New York State Education law for the following reasons only: sickness, religious observance, impassable roads or weather unsafe for travel, approved school-supervised trips, required presence in court, and sickness or death in the family.

Students will not be excused for absence or lateness unless they bring a note of explanation written and signed by a parent. The note should describe the exact cause of the absence or lateness and be presented to the building principal or attendance clerk immediately upon the child's return to school. This procedure is required even if the parent and school have communicated by telephone. If medical care has caused a student to be absent for an extended period of time, or has caused his or her attendance to be irregular, the school may ask for a statement from his or her physician.

All students must participate in physical education unless they submit a note from their doctor. All medical excuses expire at the close of each school year. All ninth, tenth and eleventh grade students must remain on campus throughout the school day.

Illness and Appointments

Should a child become ill at school, the parent or guardian will be notified and asked to take the child home. If a parent or guardian cannot be reached, the back-up person designated by the parent on the child's medical record and emergency card will be contacted. A note from the parent is required if it is necessary for a student to leave during the school day for a medical, dental or other emergency appointment. In general, it is preferred that non-emergency medical and dental appointments be scheduled during after-school hours or on non-school days.

Although lunch is available in all schools at a reasonable cost, this convenience is not meant to deter those students whose parents prefer their child having lunch at home. The opportunity afforded high school seniors in good standing  of leaving the campus during unassigned time in order to fulfill employment obligations, to attend BOCES career classes, or to eat lunch, assumes the student possesses a level of maturity, and subsequently recognizes that this privilege, like all privileges, demands responsible behavior which is a credit to the school and the student's family.


Homework supplements and enriches knowledge acquired in the classroom. Parents should support and guide their children in completing their assignments whenever possible. Furnishing a suitable study area, stressing the importance of a thorough and neat job and maintaining an understanding and helpful attitude toward a child's difficulties with his work are valuable contributions parents can make in this area. Primary school children may require more parental guidance with homework than upper level students. As children mature, they should be encouraged to assume more responsibility for their work outside of class.

Fire Drills

Fire drills take place regularly at the direction of school administrators and in accordance with New York State Education Department regulations. Parents should impress upon children the danger and waste of false alarms and negligent behavior during drills.


Parents, residents and other interested persons are welcome in the schools at all times. However, visitors must send prior notification of their visit and check in at the school's main office upon entering the building.


A signed statement of approval by a parent or guardian is required before a student is allowed to participate in a school outing. Permission slips are distributed prior to school trips and should be signed and returned as soon as possible. Telephoned or verbal permission will not be acceptable.


Parents, individuals or groups wishing to celebrate an elementary student's birthday or stage a celebration or event of one kind or another in the classroom or school must receive approval from the school principal.

Working Papers

Working papers are required for anyone under the age of 18 who desires a job or already holds one. They are available at the high school medical office and must be filled out by the job seeker or holder and signed by a parent or guardian. A Social Security card and physical examination by either the family or school doctor are additional requirements for obtaining working papers. Working certificates and permits are valid for two years with the exception of the Limited Employment Certificate, (valid for six months), and the Model Permit, (valid for one year).

Early Dismissal/Sheltering Drill

The Glen Cove School District complies with the commissioner's regulation and board policy by conducting emergency early dismissal/sheltering drills in concert with its emergency disaster plan.

Request to Stay Indoors

An outdoor play period, which often includes physical education activities, is included in the school program when the weather permits. Exceptions may be made when the family physician requests in writing that the child be excused from outdoor activity. A child should not come to school unless he or she is well enough to participate in the daily school program.

Alcohol, Drugs, Hallucinogens, Mind-Modifiers

In support of the laws referring to alcohol, drugs and/or hallucinogens and/or mind modifiers, any student while on school premises or under school supervision found to be in possession, selling, transferring, using or under the influence of alcohol, drugs, hallucinogens, or mind modifiers, and with physical and/or medical evidence, will immediately be suspended from school pending the legal hearings afforded the student.


Full Policy Manual - Adopted 7/6/2022

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