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Glen Cove City School District’s

Elementary STREAM Program

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Welcome to STREAM!

STREAM is a class where students will be doing many fun and exciting projects.

The elementary STREAM program promotes critical thinking, problem solving and teamwork while aligning with the Next Generation Science Standards, 21st Century Skills and the Common Core Learning Standards. 

We encourage working together, time management, persistence, and problem solving involving real world issues.  Our rules in STREAM are simple: Work hard and try your best. Work together. Respect each other and our supplies.

Each time students attend STREAM class, they will act like scientists or engineers. This means that they are going explore the world around them, work cooperatively, think critically, design, build and solve problems.

For more information please visit your School’s STREAM webpage and our Board of Education presentation.




    Kenneth Altamirano
    STREAM Teacher
    Landing (516) 801-7410

    Cheryl Carmody
    STERAM Teacher
    Connolly (516) 801-7310

    Jessica McKenna
    STREAM Teacher
    (516) 801-7110
    (516) 801-7210

    Kaitlyn Hutter
    STREAM Teacher
    (516) 801-7110


      Tuesday, December 07, 2021