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Special Education



Allison D. Hernandez
Director of Special Education
(516) 801-7058
Laurie Pittelli
Senior Clerk
(516) 801-7051
Betsy Lashin
Asst. Director of Special Ed
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Regina Kim
Senior Clerk
(516) 801-7061
Nancy Walton
Senior Typist
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Emilia Roussine
Senior Typist
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Dana DeLuca
Senior Clerk
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Gail Meiners
Senior Typist
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Fran Casciano
(516) 801-7056
Dr. Joanna Tychanska-O’Mea
(516) 801-7068
(516) 801-7054

CARRIAGE HOUSE - FAX 801-7059 (1st Floor)  801-7069 (2nd Floor)


Dear Parents/Guardians,


    We hope this email finds you all well during these very trying times.  Please know our Special Education staff, and our outside agencies and schools, are working diligently to ensure that services are provided to your child to the greatest extent possible and with integrity.  As you know, Glen Cove has developed a Hybrid Learning Plan. This Hybrid Learning Plan will encompass direct in person and virtual instruction and will involve a variety of technology platforms.  Our special education teachers and related services providers will be in touch with each family directly to discuss how sessions will be conducted.  Some of these services may be provided in virtual small group settings, just as they would be when school is in session.  When possible, parents should support their children to participate in the distance learning sessions independently, in a private area of their home, to respect the privacy of other students and families. We ask that information from these sessions/classes remain confidential.  If you do not wish for your child to participate in virtual learning, please send an email to your child's principal or to the Director of Special Education.  If you have additional concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to reach out to the special education department directly.  


Stay well!


Special Education Department

Glen Cove City School District


Estimados padres / tutores:


  Esperamos que este correo electrónico los encuentre bien durante estos tiempos tan difíciles. Por favor, sepa que nuestro personal de educación especial, nuestras agencias y escuelas externas están trabajando diligentemente para garantizar que los servicios se brinden a su hijo en la mayor medida posible y con integridad. Como saben, Glen Cove ha desarrollado un plan de aprendizaje híbrido. Este Plan de Aprendizaje Híbrido abarca instrucción directa en persona y virtual e involucra una variedad de plataformas tecnológicas. Nuestros maestros de educación especial y proveedores de servicios relacionados estarán en contacto con cada familia directamente para discutir cómo se llevarán a cabo las sesiones. Algunos de estos servicios se pueden brindar en entornos virtuales de grupos pequeños, tal como lo serían cuando la escuela está en sesión. Cuando sea posible, los padres deben ayudar a sus hijos a participar en las sesiones de aprendizaje a distancia de forma independiente, en un área privada de su hogar, para respetar la privacidad de otros estudiantes y sus familias. Pedimos que la información de estas sesiones / clases sea confidencial. Si no desea que su hijo participe en el aprendizaje virtual, envíe un correo electrónico al director de su hijo o a la  Directora de Educación Especial. Si tiene inquietudes adicionales, no dude en comunicarse directamente con el departamento de educación especial.  


¡Que estén bien!


Special Education Department

Glen Cove City School District



Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19): Services for Students with Disabilities  
The District intends to administer special education and related services remotely through Distance Learning which may involve video teaching and/or telepractice. If your child accesses services through video teaching and/or telepractice, the District shall consider such access as your consent to receive services through that modality.  Any parent who does not agree to receiving services through that modality should contact Allison Hernandez. If you do not consent to the use of video teaching and/or telepractice, your child will be provided instruction in an alternative format, such as
through written instructional materials or telephone consults.

We ask all students and family members to be respectful of the privacy interests of other students. As a result, where possible, students participating in group services should attempt to do so from a location which cannot be observed by others. To the extent that family members observe the delivery of instruction to other students, we ask that you respect the privacy of the other students and not disclose personal information about any student to any third party.

El Distrito tiene la intención de administrar la educación especial y los servicios relacionados de forma remota a través de la educación a distancia, que puede incluir la enseñanza de video y / o telepráctica. Si su hijo accede a los servicios mediante video enseñanza y / o telepráctica, el Distrito considerará dicho acceso como su consentimiento para recibir servicios a través de esa modalidad. Cualquier padre que no acepte recibir servicios a través de esa modalidad debe comunicarse con Allison Hernández. Si no acepta el uso de la enseñanza en video y / o la telepráctica, se le proporcionará a su hijo instrucción en un formato alternativo, tal como a través de materiales de instrucción escritos o consultas telefónicas.

Pedimos a todos los estudiantes y miembros de la familia que respeten los intereses de privacidad de otros estudiantes. Como resultado, cuando sea posible, los estudiantes que participen en servicios grupales deberán intentar hacerlo desde un lugar que otros no puedan observar. En la medida en que los miembros de la familia observen la entrega de instrucción a otros estudiantes, le pedimos que respete la privacidad de los otros estudiantes y que no revelen información personal sobre ningún estudiante a terceros.

  • District Plan of Service for Special Education
  • Procedural Safeguards
  • Procedural Safeguards in Spanish
    The Procedural Safeguards Notice describes the rights of a parent of a child with a disability and the procedures that safeguard those rights under state and federal special education law, including the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, commonly referred to as “IDEA 2004”.
  • A Parent’s Guide
    This document provides information for parents, guardians and other family members about laws, regulations and policies affecting special education programs and services. However, these protections, rights and opportunities will best help students reach their full potential when parents, families and schools work collaboratively. Setting high expectations for students and high standards for programs will provide the greatest opportunities for a successful adult life.
  • Graduation Requirements for Students with Disabilities
    This link provides information on both high school diploma and nondiploma exiting credential options available to New York State students with disabilities. Information is provided on the course work, credit and assessment requirements students must successfully complete to earn a Regents or local high school diploma, including the various safety net options available to assist students with disabilities to earn a local diploma. Requirements, model forms, guidance, and questions and answers for the Skills and Achievement Commencement Credential and the New York State Career Development and Occupational Studies Commencement Credential are also provided. Check this site often for additional resources and updated questions and answers on both of these high school exiting credentials.
  • Long Island Parent Center
    The Long Island Parent Center is a resource for parents to support their children in their educational experiences. The mission of the Long Island Parent Center of the Center for Community Inclusion LIU, is to provide parents of children with disabilities, in conjunction with the professionals who service their children, with information and resources necessary to promote meaningful involvement in their children’s education programs.
  • Access VR
    ACCESS-VR is a service available to people with all types of disabilities — developmental, physical or mental impairments — of all ages who want to go to work. ACCES-VR assists individuals with disabilities to achieve and maintain employment and to support independent living through training, education, rehabilitation, and career development.





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