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World Languages Honor Society

World Languages Honor Society

Co-Advisors: Clare Germino and Edier Rivera


Grade Levels:  10 - 12

Eligibility Requirements:  

  • You must be in at least 10th grade in order to qualify for induction.

  • You must have an overall average of 90 or above in Spanish or Italian (this includes the final average for Italian II/Spanish II and the average for the first semester of Italian III/Spanish III. 

  • Your cumulative average (for all subjects) must be 85 or above.

  • You must have two teacher recommendations: one recommendation from a Spanish/Italian teacher that you currently have or have had, and one recommendation from any other teacher.

We are pleased to begin the application process starting in February of the current school year. After 2.5 high school credits of a world language, students can apply to enter the Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica (Spanish) or the The Società Onoraria Italica (Italian). Students in grades 10, 11 and 12 will be notified via email of the start of the application process after the new year.   

Spanish Honor Society
(Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica)

Italian Honor Society
(The Società Onoraria Italica)



Why join the Spanish or Italian Honor Society?

  • Increase awareness of culture. If you are passionate about all things language, then being a member is a rewarding decision. 

  • Be recognized for outstanding achievement in language 

  • Become part of a prestigious society. 

  • Gain access to research grants and scholarships

  • Build a better resume and profile. 

  • Benefit the local and global community.

  • Encourage the spread of language for communication