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National Honor Society

National Honor Society

Advisor:  Taylor Sanchez


Grade Levels:  10 - 12

Meeting Times Afterschool, exact dates to be determined

Location:  Room 123

Description:  The National Honor Society (NHS) is composed of students who have demonstrated excellence in scholarship, leadership, service, and character. Students in NHS organize community fundraisers and tutoring projects, participate in volunteer activities, and support scholarships through their collaborative leadership and effort. NHS members are expected to play a vital role in bringing the community together around service and leadership.

Eligibility Requirements:

In order to maintain membership in NHS, members must meet certain criteria each year. To be considered a member “in good standing,” students must meet the following requirements:

Selection Criteria:  Average of 89.9 or higher 

Acceptance Criteria:  Students meeting the above eligibility requirements and acceptance criteria will be invited  to join.   Once invited, students must complete application and community service hours.

Application Availability:  Students will be invited in March to join Google Classroom to complete an application.

Application Deadline:  Middle of March once invitation letters are sent out.

Induction Ceremony:  Spring *date to be determined