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Herenia Padilla


Welcome to the English as a New Language and World Languages Page!!

English as a New Language (ENL)

Based on state regulations (CR-Part 154), English as a Second Language (ESL) changed its name last year to English as a New Language (ENL).  In Glen Cove, there are more than 500 English Language Learners (ELLs) in grades K-12. They were either born in the United States or in another country.  The countries represented by our ELLs are: El Salvador, Honduras, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Haiti, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and China.  The languages are:  Spanish, Haitian, Russian, Arabic, Urdu and Chinese.    

Our ELLs learn a number of important things both in the ENL and the regular classroom.  They learn Basic Interpersonal Communication Skills (BICS) which allow them to communicate and carry out conversations with other English-speaking people as well as fulfill basic tasks such as going to the store.  They also learn Cognitive Academic Language Proficiency (CALP) which allows them to function in English in an academic setting.  And they also learn to adapt and assimilate to the American culture without forgetting their own.

Here in Glen Cove, we embrace our ELL population because we value diversity and because we know that it takes a great deal of courage, effort and hard work to migrate to a different country-especially if another language is spoken-do well in school, make new friends and start anew.



World Languages or Languages Other than English (LOTE)

The world is becoming smaller as a result of how fast information travels, and communication among people is constantly increasing in importance.  The more languages a person can communicate in, the more successful he or she will be because languages open doors. The knowledge of other languages also has many rewards and offers many opportunities in the fields of international business, law, medicine, politics, and travel. The study of languages also leads to a better comprehension of the English language and grammar, and to an increased understanding of other people and cultures.

In Glen Cove, students begin the study of a language other than English (LOTE) in grade 7.  Sixth graders receive a Language Selection Form during the second half of the year on which they indicate their first and second preference for the language to be studied the following year.  Currently, we offer Spanish and Italian to students entering the study of another language.  


Tuesday, December 07, 2021