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Airsketch  - Wireless whiteboard for the iPad.(see web site:

Aurasma - take a pic of homework- the picture is the (QR) make a video and put them together. Can be used for any subject.

Celly – An app for group texts that allows a text to be sent to recipients, but recipients cannot reply.  A teacher or coach can use this to remind classes or teams of upcoming reviews, tests, games, etc.

Class Dojo - a positive classroom management system. Visit the website for more information

Fluency Math Drill - Math app

Front Row – app for iPad and web-based devices.  Has math questions aligned to common core and over 500 videos students can review when they get stuck on a question.

Gummii – an app that combines introductory math problems with an interactive Minecraft-style world.

Jigsaw HD - Play favorite jigsaw puzzle game with over 5000 beautiful pictures, listen to engaging music, and learn interesting facts in interactive packs. Choose pictures from nearly 150 packs in different categories, or create your own vibrant puzzles from uploaded photos of travel, family, kids and friends!

Juxtaposer – An app to create composite photos (example shown was students inserting  themselves in a land they are learning about, next to historical figures, in space when learning about space…).

Knowmia Teach is a free iPad app that can be used to create vibrant video presentations and lessons and publish them on the app's website.

Plickers – each students gets a printout of a QR code and the letters A<B<C<D  are around it,  teacher can make a quiz or exit ticket and students hold up their QR code with the correct letter choice facing upright. Teacher scans the QR codes around the room with iPad and teacher can see how students answered.  There will be a folder for each student.

Smart Recorder - you can record the actions you take on the interactive screen.

Todo Math - for students that are in pre-k through grade 2. The application includes multilevel games and math activities. The games are organized by skill or topic. The application can be used as a center for reinforcement of a topic or for a math review when the class has a set of iPads to use.

Three Ring - an app that lets you easily record your students work for portfolios and peer professional development. Visit the website for more information is

Websites – A website with simple instructions on how to create an HTML5 App for your class (to include coursework, calendars, websites, videos, etc…).  Use the free option, or pay for upgraded options. -   a place to keep all the links you collect - Delicious is a free service designed with care to be the best place to save what you love on the web. "We keep your stuff safe so it's there when you need it – always." Delicious remembers so you don't have to. - kid-friendly site to gather information and facts about the world around us. –   You can create, or, use an existing video, for students to watch and you can insert questions into the video for them to answer along the way.  It will record data on each kid’s use, so you can see data on individual answers, and, answers as a class, and really cool – you can see how many times they re-watched part of the clip as a way to gauge their understanding of topics.  and – Social media (‘Facebook’ like) for classes and teacher to interact to collaborate, share etc. – Teachers create questions, students respond via a video that can be viewed by classmates. – students take the teacher’s quizzes or surveys on line with any device that has a web browser

Glogster  - allows users to create virtual posters combining text, audio, video, images, and hyperlinks and to share them with others electronically. - K-12 is a rich, dynamic, and innovative resource that provides thousands of historic news reports, current events stories, original stories, primary source documents, and other digital media specifically designed to help teach and engage students of all levels and abilities. – teacher uses a master iOS device to control presentation, while students follow along on iPads and can interact through multiple choice questions, polls, videos, quizzes and web-links. – has a huge catalog of educational videos and games by topic, grade, level or Common Core Stardard.  Teachers can also create assessments. – create movies  - create interactive presentations and lessons where the audience/students can log on and answer questions and interact with the presenter using their hand held device such as an iPad, iPhone or tablet.  Provides real time data and feedback.  Works with Google Drive. - Web-based interactive whiteboard to create and share sketches. - allows teachers to ask a do now or exit question and students answer with an iPad or smartphone and you can see results in real time. 

Prezies and Emaze- allows users to create slide shows and animate, sort of like an upgrade to power point. - a free website that creates qr codes that can be scanned by an iPad or iPhone and give information. - create a qr code with voice.  Can be used for parents who need assistance with helping their children. – teachers can quickly gather feedback from students through quizzes. – to share a screencast (recording of your screen) online.
and  - 
A classroom aid to create digital stories, flyers, multimedia presentations or reports with existing visuals provided by sites.
– teachers can post questions and gather anonymous feedback from students.

The Mailbox - Creates teaching resources, monthly forms, themes, or skills. - create a website for your Glogsters, Prezies and Emazes.  - This can be used as a word splash-type what they already know about a topic, characteristics about themselves, characteristic traits about characters in books, vocabulary words, etc.

This allows for teachers or students to type in a bunch of words and the words are then put together in color and all different ways.  You have the ability to change the color, font, style. 


If you google  “11 Ways to Use Technology in the Classroom”  go to the Pinterest site– these were some ideas given.

Technology Tools to Support Math Instruction

Glencoe/McGraw Hill -
site allows teachers and students to use a wide variety of common core math virtual manipulatives such as base ten blocks, money, number lines, fraction pieces and protractors.  Needs Adobe Flash to work.
- website of author and presentor Greg Tang who speaks about ways to think about math and help students develop better computational and problem solving skills.

Gynzy - website that provides pre-made activities for interactive whiteboards.  You can also make your own lessons and save them.  They are Common Core aligned and use Common Core language.  They have lessons for math, science, social studies and language arts.  The Math sections has many interaction tools and manipulatives. - A professional resource for educators passionate about improving students' mathematics learning and performance. – app to help kids to improve their mental math skills. – math practice aligned to Common Core standards Grades 1 through Algebra 1.  Students can get hints and watch videos.  Teachers can also assign Jam sessions which randomly selects problems across several standards.  Reports with student progress, strengths and weaknesses are available. – the practice activities of students are recorded and shared with teachers and parents.

Teaching Aides is a website that is dedicated to articles on teaching, learning, and how technology positively shapes our education. – has an adaptive curriculum that creates a unique education plan for each student.  Ranging from allowing higher students to progress quickly to providing extra instruction to remedial students.

Smart Exchange – interactive smartboard lessons by subject and grade.  Use the express version on any device except an iPad.


Thursday, February 27, 2020